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Whitney Johns
Whitney Johns

Personal Trainer, Coach, Fitness Model

Chris Camozzi
Chris Camozzi

Professional Mixed Martial Artist


Whitney Johns grew up in Boise Idaho and her love of fitness started when she was just 16 years old.
She began personal training clients 12 years ago, landed in Los Angeles and eventually worked up to celebrity trainer status. She went on to pursue physique competitions and competed for NPC and also earned her pro card for the WBFF.
Whitney then went on to expand her reach, by creating “Fit with Whit App” as well as releasing her customized diet and workout programs on This allows her the privilege of coaching clients across the globe.
The Fit with Whit coaching method focuses not just on workouts and diet but on gut health, hormone health and the holistic health aspects. As it is her belief that fitness and wellness starts from the inside out.
She got bit by the wanderlust bug years ago and travel has since been a huge passion of hers. She came to realize how very important having balance, seeking adventure and collecting memories is in this life. To reward yourself-work hard, play hard!
“We only get one life. So to be able to combine my passions of both travel and fitness is like a dream come true, and it’s so exciting to share it with you all. I hope you choose to share your adventures with us on our wellness retreats so we can collect those memories together!”


Chris Camozzi is a professional Mixed Martial Artist and coach living and training out of Denver, Colorado.
Chris started training MMA in 2005 after high school. He always had a passion for working out and competing since a very young age and the day he decided to walk into a Mixed Martial Arts gym, it changed the trajectory of his life from then on.
In his 15 year career. Chris has had the opportunity to travel the world with the UFC and other high level organizations competing. Chris stated in an interview “traveling and fighting are two of my favorite things to do and when I get to combine them and see the world, there is nothing I’d rather be doing”
Aside from competing, Chris is also a full time coach in Denver. He enjoys teaching all levels and helping people find their passion for training and working out. Chris not only teaches people to fight and compete in Martial Arts but in the last few years he has really gotten into teaching self defense to all ages. “Everyone deserves the right to feel confident and safe in any situation and surrounding” Chris stated in past interviews. 
“Trip with Whit is another opportunity for me to travel the world, experience new cultures and create more experiences with others that share a passion for fitness and travel and I can’t wait to see where this takes us next!”